Kingswood Office Massage: The Solution to Employee Burnout

Promote Work-Life Balance with On-site Massage in Kingswood

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Encourage a healthy work-life balance with on-site massage services in Kingswood. Our dedicated therapists provide personalised treatments to help your staff unwind, de-stress, and refocus, fostering a positive, supportive work environment.

Engage Customers at Your Next Event with Corporate Massage

On-site chair massage Gloucestershire

On-site massage is also a great way to create a lasting impression with customers, as well as helping your business or marketing promotions stand out. Engage the people of Kingswood in a way they've never experienced before by having a Sense therapist providing corporate massage at your event, or you can also utilise our corporate massage options for internal corporate events such as staff wellbeing days.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Days for Your Team

Transform your next Wellness Day into a comprehensive health and wellbeing event by combining Sense Massage's on-site treatments with instructor-led classes, such as mindfulness and yoga. These complementary activities can create a well-rounded experience that promotes overall health and wellness for your team.

Save the Date for Sense: On-Site Massage for Weddings

Having some fun activities for your guests to enjoy on your wedding day can really add to your special day and massage is one that always goes down a treat. From a relaxing shoulder and back rub to a pampering hand massage, on-site massage is a great way to indulge your friends and family on this special occasion, and keep them limber in between all the food, photos and festivities!

Bringing People Together with Massage Since The Millennium

Founded in 2000, Sense Massage Therapy has worked to bring people together and foster wellbeing awareness within hundreds of companies in nearly every sector; from finance and marketing firms, to schools training days and bespoke promotions, we really have done it all. Our dream is to bring massage and wellness to every company, and show businesses how powerful caring for staff, partners and customers can be. You'll be surprised at the benefits! It really is true: give just a little, and you'll get such a lot.

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