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Discover your current stress levels with our complimentary assessment. The globally recognised Holmes-Rahe Scale, featured below, is a trusted tool employed by psychologists worldwide to measure individual stress.

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The Holmes-Rahe Scale

Death of spouseDivorce
Change in responsibilities at workMarital separation
Death of close family memberImprisonment
Personal injury or illnessMarriage
Dismissal from workMarital reconciliation
RetirementChange in health of family member
PregnancySexual difficulties
Gain a new family memberBusiness readjustment
Change in financial stateChange in number of arguments with spouse
Major mortgageForeclosure of mortgage or loan
Son or daughter leaving homeTrouble with inlaws
Outstanding personal achievementSpouse begins or stops work
Begin or end schoolChange in living conditions
Change in residenceChange in schools
Change in recreationChange in church activities
Change in social activitiesMinor mortgage or loan
Change in sleeping habitsChange in number of family reunions
Change in eating habitsTaking a holiday
ChristmasMinor violation of the law