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Free Online Stress Test - Test Yourself Now

Check your stress levels with our free online stress test. The Holmes-Rahe Scale, below, is used by psychologists to evaluate an individual's level of stress.

Look down the list of items and simply tick the boxes of all the events that have applied to you over the last 12 months.

When you have ticked all the boxes that apply to you, click on the button at the bottom of the page.

The Holmes-Rahe Scale

Death of spouse Change in responsibilities at work
Divorce Son or daughter leaving home
Marital separation Trouble with inlaws
Imprisonment Outstanding personal achievement
Death of close family member Spouse begins or stops work
Personal injury or illness Begin or end school
Marriage Change in living conditions
Dismissal from work Change in residence
Marital reconciliation Change in schools
Retirement Change in recreation
Change in health of family member Change in church activities
Pregnancy Change in social activities
Sexual difficulties Minor mortgage or loan
Gain a new family member Change in sleeping habits
Business readjustment Change in number of family reunions
Change in financial state Change in eating habits
Change in number of arguments with spouse Taking a holiday
Major mortgage Christmas
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan Minor violation of the law

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About Sense

Sense Massage Therapy, established in January 2000, is a leading provider of on-site chair massage services for workplaces across the UK and Ireland. We have partnered with hundreds of companies, catering to their corporate wellness needs.

Our mission is to work diligently so you can relax. Sense is committed to delivering top-quality service, prioritising the well-being of your most valuable asset – your employees.

Incorporating on-site chair massage into your stress management programme yields immediate results. Regular sessions can help to significantly reduce absenteeism, employee turnover, and sick days. We guarantee that our services will leave your staff feeling happy, revitalised, and more productive.

To discover the benefits of office massage for your company, contact our friendly team at 0800 488 0606. Experience the difference that Sense Massage Therapy can make for your workplace.

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