Office Yoga Classes

As one of the leading wellness class providers in the UK, Sense Massage Therapy office yoga is a great addition to any company wellness program. Relax, revitalise and re-energise your team with a group yoga session to help stretch out any tension and empower staff to live better for life!

Why yoga?staff enjoying office yoga at work as part of wellness day, two women and one man

Yoga has evolved considerably from its early beliefs regarding obtaining enlightenment (or ‘Samadi’) to the graceful forms of movements that we have now come to recognise in western culture.

These movements have been seen to be an effective method of stress reduction, as well as offer further health benefits from the exercise itself, making it a great way to manage and reduce workplace stress. Combined with the holistic belief theory, yoga can also help bring mental calm and help staff care for their mental and emotional wellbeing as well.

Often described as 'meditation in motion', since the mind is focused on movements and breathing, this gentle practice will help bring zen to any workplace or corporate event.

The Benefits of Yoga at Work

  • Yoga will increase endurance, strength and flexibility and is an excellent form of exercise
  • Reduces stress through mindful movement
  • Opens the heart and mind to happiness and enlightenment
  • Gives workers time to relax, recharge and reground
  • Moderate exercise releases endorphins to improve mood and overall wellbeing

How does it work?

  • An average yoga class size will have approximately 15 participants, but classes can be arranged bespoke for different sized groups if needed
  • All yoga equipment will be provided
  • Highly trained, qualified and insured yoga instuctors
  • Classes last for one hour
  • Offering yoga classes across the UK and Ireland

How much does it cost?

At Sense Massage Therapy, we believe in up-front costing wherever we can, so that you can save time and we can be as transparent as possible. For one 1 hour office yoga class, we charge £195.00 excluding VAT. Mats are available to buy from us or you can provide your own.

Include Yoga in Your Bespoke Wellness Program

Alongside yoga, we also offer a number of other stress-busting services including mindfulness classes, reflexology, chair massage and Indian head massage. We understand that each business is different so we create each wellness program bespoke, incorporating your favourite elements to create the perfect wellness event for your team.

Interested? Find out more about our corporate wellness services.


Yoga Prices
1 Hour