Massage On Set for Film and Television

Blurred clapperboard and woman during filming

We provide an array of bespoke treatments specifically crafted for the film and television industry, aimed at revitalizing and soothing both cast and crew. Our popular seated massage is the go-to choice for on-set, on-location, and industry events such as wrap parties. Additionally, we offer a wide range of therapies perfectly suited to the demanding schedules of your dedicated team.

Off-Set Massage Services

Incorporating massage therapy into post-production celebrations or wrap parties is an exceptional way to add a touch of luxury and relaxation to the event. Our on-site massage services can be arranged for the entire evening, as an opening feature, or as a splendid finale. For wrap-up dates, our exhilarating massage treatments provide a rewarding and gratifying way to conclude a project. We can set up our services at your chosen celebration venues, such as restaurants or rented spaces, ensuring a serene and enjoyable environment for your team to unwind and celebrate their hard work and dedication.

On-Set Massage Services

Our treatments are designed for versatility and convenience, requiring minimal equipment and space, making them ideal for on-set or on-location settings. For a more secluded experience away from the bustling set, we suggest allocating a quiet room or trailer for the massage services. If space is limited, a tranquil massage station can be set up in a peaceful corner of your location, where our therapists will provide their skilled services to the cast and crew.

Our team of therapists is accustomed to treating VIPs and maintains the highest level of discretion and professionalism. We understand the unique demands and sensitivities of the entertainment industry and are committed to offering an exclusive, discreet service that caters to the well-being of all involved. With Sense Massage Therapy, you can trust that your cast and crew are in the most capable and considerate hands.