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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our On-Site Massage Therapy service. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is On-Site Acupressure Massage?

It is a massage treatment specially designed for the workplace. The technique originated in Silicone Valley, US. Often described as the "Coffee break massage", it was intended to boost morale and relieve stress amongst hardworking office staff.

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What are the benefits?

The treatment is aimed at reducing the build up of tension in muscles used in isometric contractions (the muscles used to keep you still whilst working at a desk). It also aims to reduce stress and give you a feeling of well-being. The results can be seen immediately.

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How much does it cost?

Our prices are available here - PRICES. The treatments vary on cost depending on many things, that's why Sense has an instant price quoting system right here on our web site to make it easy for you. Simply tell us what you're looking for (number of people or times) and we'll send you a written quote instantly. Please feel free to try different options until you find exactly what you are looking for. We can tailor something to any budget. Get an Instant Quote Now! 

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How long does a treatment take?

The treatments are usually 20 minutes long, although this can vary. In addition to the treatment time 5 minutes is usually taken to allow a consultation with our therapist before any treatment is given. This ensures your complete safety. The treatment is given through the clothes and no oils or creams are used, providing the maximum benefit with the minimum of disruption. 

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Where do the treatments take place? 

We would normally recommend a quiet vacant office or meeting room, although treatments can easily be given in a quiet corner of a large office. 

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Is there a minimum or maximum number of people that you can treat?

You can have a therapist to treat just one person if you wish. The optimum number of people per therapist is 12. The maximum depends on how many therapists you would like (and have room for).

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Can Sense treat companies with multiple sites?

Yes. We have therapists all over the UK and Ireland. 

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My company is way out of town, is that a problem?

No. Travelling is not usually a problem. If we don't have a local therapist, then a small charge is usually agreed to cover our therapist's travelling costs.

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Can we just do a trial day?

Yes. If you would like to just test out our On-Site Massage Therapy service as a one-off that isn't a problem. We know that the best way to appreciate our service is to experience it for yourself. With this is mind ask about our trial day special offers.

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Are your therapists insured?

You have our guarantee that our therapists are always fully insured. As part of our set up procedure you will receive a copy of current insurance documents.

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What professional qualifications do Sense therapists have?

All of our therapists are fully qualified in Anatomy, Physiology, Massage & On-Site Massage. Many of the therapists are also qualified in additional therapies such as Aromatherapy and Sports Injury Therapy. 

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Will my workforce end up too relaxed to go back to work?

In short, no. The treatment is designed to relax the client during the first 15 minutes. The remainder of the treatment is based on stimulating the senses and leaves you feeling alert and focused.

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Who normally pays, the company or the employee?

Ideally both. We recommend that for regular treatments the company pays most of the cost and the employee pays a nominal sum. This is to make sure people don't book treatments and forget to turn up. Saying this, each company is different and this matter should be discussed prior to setting up a long term agreement.

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Who else has used On-Site Massage? 

You may be surprised, but companies from B.T. to Barclays Bank; from Nokia to Newbury Council have all used On-Site Massage to help improve staff morale and make working conditions better.

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Do you provide therapists for exhibitions or promotions?

Yes we do. We can provide several therapists or just one for your company exhibition stand. Individual company promotions can also be catered for. Prices vary depending on location, duration and numbers treated. 
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Our Money-Back Guarantee

Did you know that we offer a money-back guarantee to anyone that is unhappy with their treatment.

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About Sense

Sense Massage Therapy has been providing on site chair massage in the workplace since January 2000 and we have worked with hundreds of companies across the UK and Ireland.

Our ethos is to work hard for you so you can relax. Sense continually strives to bring the best quality service to the most important aspect of your company, your people.

Providing on site chair massage is an effective addition to any stress management programme that gives immediate results. Regular visits can also help to help reduce absenteeism, turnover and sick days. We will leave your staff happy and energised - guaranteed.

To experience the benefits of office massage in your company just speak to our team on 0800 488 0606.

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