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Corporate Massage and Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event or looking for ideas and inspiration?  Sense has been organising bespoke projects since 2000, making events stand out to be memorable, rewarding, and successful.

We work with you to ensure the whole experience is smooth and efficient with the highest levels of communication.

Our most popular service is onsite chair massage, but other popular treatments we provide for corporate massage days include:

Certain treatments are specifically ideal for certain corporate environments; desk-based treatments for instance are often popular in call centres and organisations where it’s difficult for staff to leave their workstations. However, we have therapists trained in an incredibly wide range of treatments, so if you have alternative therapy that is not mentioned above, please get in touch with our team.

We also offer corporate wellness classes, which you can read more about on their designated pages below:

Yoga and mindfulness classes work well alongside traditional therapies and are typically 2 x 30-minute long sessions.  Some of our most successful yoga and mindfulness classes have been held outside in the summer months when the weather will allow.  

Corporate Therapists Trained for Your Every Need

When planning your event, you can choose from our extensive database of professional therapists to find the person and treatment that is perfect for your staff. With therapists experienced in a range of treatments you can offer choice to employees or event guests, or others that specialise in particular therapies, you can find the wellness solution that works for you.

All our therapists are friendly and personable, and take particular care with each individual, to ensure your staff or delegates not only have a wonderful time, but also immediately feel comfortable and relaxed. We also are more than happy to oblige any explicit requirements or requests, such as brand wear or leaflet distribution, and do so quite regularly for bigger brands.

Still have some questions? Below we have outlined some FAQ's relating to corporate massage days and corporate events.

Corporate Massage FAQ's

How many therapists will I need for my event, and for how long?

At Sense, we will always work out your exact needs for your event, whilst keeping costs as low as possible for you. To understand how many therapists you will need, we first estimate how many treatments you are likely to need.

We typically work on an average up-take of 65%. For example, if you are expecting 300 people at your event we would estimate that 195 people would like to take part in either a class or a massage treatment. For a day of short massages, 5 to 6 therapists could cover this number of people.

Alternatively, for more exhibition-style events, you can have a few therapists stationed onsite, and have guests enjoy a massage on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have worked on many multi-sited events or one off events at a single location, with numerous therapists or simply one therapist providing massage for a few hours (or as much as the budget will allow), so whatever the scale of your project we have the experience and knowledge to make it a success.  We pride ourselves that no job is too big or too small but our main aim to provide quality, relaxing treatments at a price that suits you.     

How will guests book their massage appointments?

Usually this is done prior to the day, where we send you out a paper time schedule of the massage slots. However, we will always work out the best appointment scheduling process for your event and advise you of this, based on our extensive experience offering corporate massage.


For many exhibition events where we provide very short treatments, having no booking system at all can be the best solution! Potential customers can simply come up to your stall and enjoy a massage as and when they feel like it.

Alternatively, you can have them book in on a time sheet to come back later, or if the treatments are for a corporate office environment, we tend to encourage employers to get staff to book their slots in advance to get the most out of the massage day.

Won’t we have people hanging around waiting?

Yes!  And this is a great opportunity to talk to delegates and give them information on what you are exhibiting. The treatments are typically 10 minutes long, so no-one is ever waiting for an extended amount of time, and once they have had their massage they can relax with a beverage and find out more about your products or services.       

What if we want to book people in?

For any scenario where you would like to book people in we will provide an appointment sheet with the required treatment lengths. This generally tends to offer the best value for money as this means you can book back-to-back treatments and get the most out of your therapist's time. The appointment sheet will nearly always include breaks for our therapists (since we have to look after the health of our therapists too!) but we do not charge for this time.

When putting together the appointment sheet, it’s key to note that in-between each treatment we factor in a turnaround time between treatments, and in this time our therapists will provide a safety check and clean the chair/couch ready for the next guest or member of staff.

Can we use our own in-house booking system?

Many companies now like to use their own in-house booking system, which is absolutely fine. We will always work with you and your business to make booking and planning your day of massage as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We will typically send an appointment sheet as an example to show where breaks need to be put for our therapists and then you can create your own on your preferred dashboard.

Does everyone have to fill out a safety form?

To ensure everyone’s absolute safety we require that each person completes a safety form when participating in a massage or similar treatment.  These can be pre-filled out to save time on the day and we will always ensure a digital copy or paper copies are sent, depending on your preference.  Giving staff/delegates the opportunity to look through the form prior to their treatment can also help avoid disappointment if they have a condition that precludes them from having a massage or attending a class.

The safety form is also a requirement of all certified insurance companies, so to ensure our therapists are fully covered we request the forms are completed. For classes, a verbal safety check will be given to all the participants simultaneously to check for injuries.  

What equipment will be brought to the location and how much space will be required?

Depending on your requirements, we recommend the following:


Space Required: Large open space 6 meters by 6 meters (approx. 20 feet by 20 feet)
Equipment Required: Yoga mats will be provided for 15 participants.  Classes can be split into 2 x 30-minute sessions giving 30 participants in total.  


Space Required: Large open space 6 meters by 6 meters (approx. 20 feet by 20 feet)
Equipment Required: We recommend 15 chairs be provided for the participants to sit on for their class, or the class can be held in the office with staff seated at their desks (but we do recommend getting away from the desk if possible). Classes can be split into 2 x 30-minute sessions giving 30 participants in total.

Onsite chair massage

Space Required: Approximately 2m2 (this is about the size of a normal chair with room to walk all the way around). A spare office room, area in an open plan office or an area on an exhibition stand will be suitable to provide the on-site massage treatments.
Equipment Required: An onsite massage chair will be provided by your therapist. The chair is adaptable and works well in restricted spaces.

Hand Massages

Space Required: A desk space, ideally in a secluded and peaceful area to aid relaxation
Equipment Required: A table and 2 chairs will be requested to provide hand massage treatments, and our therapist will provide all other equipment such as oils, creams & towels.

Reflexology treatments

Space Required: A desk space, ideally in a secluded and peaceful area to aid relaxation
Equipment Required: Reflexology treatments can either be provided for the hands or the feet: for hand treatments we request a table and 2 chairs to provide the hand reflexology treatment on; foot treatments be either provided on a couch or with the participant sitting in a chair and the therapist sits on a low stool. 

What information is shared between ourselves and the therapists?

The exact location and arrival instructions are shared with all parties, and contact details and mobile phone numbers are shared to ensure that our therapists have an onsite contact in case there is any issue finding or accessing the site. The therapist will know whether staff will have safety forms completed prior to the treatments, or come with plenty of printed safety forms for exhibition style events or other corporate events when safety forms will be filled out on the day.

For more information about our corporate massage service, or to find out the answers to any queries we haven’t addressed here, do get in touch with one of our friendly team members.

Find out what corporate massage can do for your business and try Sense today!

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