Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act covers the full health and safety responsibilities for employers in Great Britain, and the occupational risks that should be considered. This ensures that employers work safely and responsibly, and we are committed to adhering to this legislation.

Cartoon image of hands around people at work, keeping them safeHealth and Safety at Sense

At Sense Massage Therapy, we are fully committed to adhering to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, ensuring that we operate safely and responsibly at all times. Our dedication to health and safety is paramount, and we manage the risks associated with our profession effectively and responsibly.

We are dedicated to ensuring that both our therapists and our clients are cared for with the utmost sincerity and respect, minimising any health and safety concerns wherever reasonably possible. Our approach includes:

  • Conducting thorough safety checks and confirming that clients are happy to be treated, thus minimising health risks.
  • Ensuring the massage pressure is comfortable for the client at all times.
  • Minimising risks and hazards to our therapists by providing them with comprehensive information and support.
  • Delivering detailed information and instruction on assessing and managing potential hazards and risks.
  • Ensuring that individuals are only treated by appropriately qualified therapists and that all equipment is in safe working condition.
  • Creating an environment that is safe and comfortable for both the therapist and the client.

Our comprehensive risk assessment system addresses a range of risks and potential hazards, including:

  • Fire risks and trip hazards.
  • Over-exertion of the client or therapist.
  • Potential fainting of clients due to lowered blood pressure from massage.
  • Injury risks from jewellery or other personal items.
  • The condition and cleanliness of massage equipment.

We take pre-emptive steps to minimise these risks and provide clear instructions for managing any situations that may arise.

For every company booking with us, we provide a bespoke risk assessment and method statement to help ensure the safety of all staff and customers on the day.

The Sense Massage Therapy Health and Safety Policy Statement outlines our commitment:

  • To ensure that all therapists are competent, adequately trained, and fully insured to provide treatments.
  • To manage effectively the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
  • To consult with our therapists on matters affecting their health and safety.
  • To ensure that all equipment is safe, clean, and undergoes necessary checks.
  • To provide information and instruction for therapists.
  • To provide information, instruction, and guidance for organisers.
  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health.
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • To review and revise our policy as necessary at regular intervals.

Additionally, we are committed to:

  • Regularly updating our health and safety training to reflect the latest industry standards and practices.
  • Encouraging open communication and feedback from both therapists and clients regarding health and safety concerns.
  • Continually improving our health and safety measures based on the latest research and feedback.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability and mindfulness in all our practices.

At Sense Massage Therapy, your health and safety are our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care.