Mindfulness at Work

Woman at work meditatingMindfulness is the practice of brining attention and focus to this moment in time, to reconnect with our lives and train the individual to truly live in the moment.

It is believed that changing the structure of a person's thinking will have a significant role in shaping their experiences.

The principles of mindfulness will be taught as well as practical exercises.

It will be suggested that to obtain the most benefit from the class, individuals should call upon the techniques frequently beyond the class and practice them on a regular basis.

The aim is change perceptions, which in turn change our reality and help us cope better with external stress triggers.

The class participants sit on chairs and a large area or room is recommended.

We suggest a class size of approximately 15 participants. Classes last for one hour or can be split in to 2 x 30 minutes.

The cost for one class for your staff is £195.00 excluding VAT.

Try Before You Buy

If you're new to Mindfulness we hope you will enjoy this short sample from on of our corporate Mindfulness sessions.

It's a simple but very effective Mindfulness breathing exercise for you to try that is only six-minutes long, yet it can really help you with being mindful during your busy workday. Safety first: Please only listen to the video when it’s safe to do so.


Mindfulness Class Prices
1 Hour