Desk Massage

Woman having a massage at her deskDesk massage treatments are a hugely popular office massage treatment due to its flexibility and cost-efficiency , making it a great addition to any workplace wellbeing program or stress management program. These quick and easy treatments will leave your staff feeling refreshed and revitalised, without even having to leave their workstation.

How does desk massage work?

One of our Sense therapists will visit your office, and provide short head, shoulder and neck massage treatments for your staff while they are seated conveniently at their desk.

Desk massage treatments can be 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes long. We would typically recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per treatment so each employee gets enough time to really switch off. 

Some of the Areas We Cover

Birmingham  |  Manchester  |  Leeds  |  Edinburgh  |  London

Why desk massage?

Desk treatments are often utilised in call centres and other industries where it is difficult for staff to leave their desks, or in offices where there is a high volume of staff in one area. Since no set up area or equipment is needed, these upper back, neck and shoulder rubs are perfect for alleviating stress and tension anywhere, anytime. 

This treatment is also our most efficient, since, in addition to not requiring any equipment, there is a much shorter turnaround time between treatments because the therapist simply goes from desk to desk. This means less cost for you! With desk massage, a larger number of staff can be treated in a set time compared to other treatments such as chair massage, where therapists must allow time to clean the head gate and arm rests between treatments. 

The benefits of desk massage

  • Relieves stress and improves mood
  • Relieves muscular neck and shoulder tension, frequently caused by desk work
  • Cheapest & most cost-effective office massage treatment
  • Lots of staff can be treated
  • No equipment is needed - the massage is given to each staff member in their own chair
  • No designated space required - great for small offices
  • Massage works around your staff - team members can raise their hand at a time suitable for them to have their desk massage

How much does it cost?

Desk Massage Prices
Number of Hours
One-Off Booking
Recurring Booking
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours
6 Hours
7 Hours


We try to keep our prices as low as possible whilst also being fair to our team, so these incremental costs also cover our therapist's travel time to and from your venue.

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