Stress Management: Technology To The Rescue

Using technology to manage stress: Monitor Your Heart Rate to Relax

If you find yourself feeling stressed, a common symptom is an elevated heart rate - something you may have noticed if you’re running late picking up the kids, presenting an important meeting or lying in bed, fretting about the next day’s jobs. That's why monitoring your heart rate can be a powerful tool when it comes to managing your stress, and ultimately, learning how to relax.

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Arthritis - "The Nation’s Joint Problem" - Don't Ignore It

Here at Sense Massage Therapy, we’re trying to raise awareness about arthritis, the number one cause of disability in the UK. It is something that affects over 10 million people, and 77% of sufferers still don’t think that society understands what it’s like to live with arthritis.

Arthritis Research UK invest in breakthrough treatments, the best information and offer vital support for everyone affected by arthritis. They make regular videos such as the one below trying to advert here for further information.

Escape The City with Volvo and Sense Massage

The last weekend in August marked the final week working with the amazing Volvo campaign that has been travelling the country, ‘Escape The City’. Featuring the new Volvo XC60 on the stand, alongside Sense therapists, the campaign invited city-goers to take a break from their busy day and step inside the wooden escape shack to enjoy a ten-minute Swedish massage, or join an instructor-led meditation or yoga class.

(Photos: London & Norwich)

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage Therapy

At Sense Massage Therapy, we have therapists that specialise in a range of different massage and we thought it would be great to demonstrate some of the many other ways massage can benefit the body outside of the office. 

One type of massage that can be extremely beneficial, and is well known for its benefits for healing focusses on stimulating the lymphatic system.  

When our body works the way it’s supposed to, we won’t ever notice our lymphatic system; until it encounters problems, many of us may never even know what it is.

Sense Supports Back Care Awareness Week 2017

This year Sense is supporting in raising awareness of an important health issue.

This year’s Back Care Awareness Week will be w/c 2nd October. The theme is “Back Care in Education”. BackCare have secured KidsBacks4theFuture as a partner and will be distributing packs to educational establishments throughout the UK to encourage children and young people to look after their backs.

The first step to good back care is to be aware of yourself. 

Wedding Activities: Massage, Ice Cream and Photo Booth Hire

We recently provided seated massage at a beautiful wedding at Keythorpe Manor in Leicester, where the happy couple hired our therapists to pamper guests throughout the day. Guests were also treated to ice cream from the adorable Living the Cream stall, and a caravan photo booth filled with fun props from Quirky Photo Booths – it certainly was a packed event!

The lovely day was made even more so by the weather, but each activity really brought something to the event making it that much more special. 

Ear Massage for Stress: Relief Using Auriculotherapy

When it comes to stress, lots of people may immediately think of massage as a great way to unwind and release that tension.

However not many consider their ears to be a particular stress reliever when it comes to massage therapy, but your ears are in fact home to some incredibly powerful acupressure points that can stimulate many benefits.

Curious? Learn about these benefits, and some techniques so you can treat yourself!