7 Quick Tips to Help You Love Your Skin

7 Quick Tips to Help You Love Your Skin

Summer sunshine is glorious but follow these 7 quick tips to love your skin from both the inside and out.

1. Sunscreen, Moisturise and Exfoliate

Melanin is the term used for the pigmentation found in the skin and is produced by the cells known as melanocytes.  When the sun comes out and the skin is expose to UV radiation and more melanin is produced to protect your skin from being damaged. This causes the skin to change colour and for you to get a bronze glow, but melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning.

If you are spending any time out in the sun remember you need a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA & UVB which both penetrate the earth atmosphere.

UVB rays can burn the superficial layers of your skin and unprotected skin could be at risk of developing skin cancer. UVA rays enter deep into the dermis the skin's thickest layer.  Exposed and vulnerable skin can lead to wrinkling, premature skin aging and suppression of the immune system. 

To keep the skin supple and hydrated moisture all over all year round. Making it part of a routine after a shower or bath will make it second-nature in no time.

Plastic microbeads that have been found in many exfoliation products over the years have now been banned due to the harm they cause in the environment.  Far better for your skin and the world are natural exfoliations such as fine sugar mixed with olive or honey.  Oil and warm oats can be helpful after sunburn when the skin is peeling; apply very gently so as not to aggravate the skin.   Don’t over exfoliate as this can be damaging to the skin as you are removing the outer most protective layer.

2. Salt Bath Soak

Have a wonderfully relaxing soak with bath salts such as Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, or Himalayan pink salts.  Bath salts have been used for centuries for their powerful healing properties, being full of magnesium they have been shown to be beneficial for painful muscles, muscle cramps, inflammation bronchial asthma and they can help to heal cuts.  

3. Drink Up

Your body loses more water from perspiration in the summer so it’s important to drink up plenty of water. For an added summer boost add some citrus fruit slices and crushed iced to make your H2O a little bit more exciting!

4. Slumber Time

The summer nights bring about light mornings that might be waking you up.  A super simple solution is to wear an eye mask to ensure you get the zzz you need.  For just a few pounds from Amazon you can make sure you get a peaceful night’s sleep. If you are having problems with the early morning bird song a pair of ear plugs can work wonders too!

5. Fishy Advice

Oily fish is very beneficial for you and will moisture you from the inside. Oily fish such as salmon are full of omega-3 fatty acids which deliver big health benefits.   Some great BBQ fish are salmon, trout, tuna and swordfish. Splash on some olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, wrap in foil and pop on the BBQ - Enjoy!

6. Berry Heaven

Anti-oxidant rich foods such as blackcurrants, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi fruits, oranges and lemons are said to protect cells against free radical damage, so really good to up your intake in the summer months.  Put on desserts, make into smoothies or eat on their own, always lovely enjoyed in the sunshine.

7. The Hats Have It

A golden rule to follow is to never touch your face with unwashed hands.  You should only ever apply a products such as, makeup, or sunscreen onto the face once the hands have been thoroughly washed then immediately apply.  So, if you are going to the beach remember, apply sunscreen in the morning all over the body, neck, and face. Pack antibacterial wet wipes or gel so the hands are nice and clean, avoiding any pesky germs getting on your skin before you reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours.   A foreign legion style hat is great for children giving good protection to the back of the neck.  Hats are helpful in protecting the head, face and back of the neck throughout the day and come in handy when napping to shade the eyes!