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Sense Massage Therapy provide on-site massage in Wiltshire regularly, and office massage, like all massage, has numerous health benefits and has been proven to reduce stress. That's why offering office massage to your staff not only improves staff retention, but also reduces the likelihood of the need for sick days, saving you vast amounts in the long run too. It's a win-win for everybody!

On-Site Massage: Differentiate from Rivals

Stand out from competitors with on-site massage for marketing promotions. Massage connects people, making it ideal for establishing relationships with customers or at internal and external corporate events. A relaxing treatment from one of our therapists will leave a lasting impression and make participants feel fantastic.

Sense Massage also provide a number of other services including classes such as mindfulness and yoga, which are perfect for company wellness days and corporate wellbeing events. These are also perfect for other health oriented events, such as marketing promotions and charity fundraisers and can be paired with some of our other fun wellness day suggestions here.

Versatile Massage Services for Community and Corporate Events

Event massage for a wedding in Wiltshire

Tailor your event to perfection with our versatile massage services, catering to both small community gatherings and large corporate functions. No matter the size of your event, our massage treatments guarantee a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Looking After Your Staff Makes Sense

Whilst it may not be your first reason for opting for on-site massage, at Sense Massage Therapy, we know that looking after your staff pays. We've seen it. Reduced sick days; reduced absenteeism due to lack of motivation, stress or a multitude of other reasons; and most importantly, reduced staff resignations; are all common benefits of a regular staff care program - and massage offers this as well as numerous other health benefits. Motivating your staff and taking care of them can really pay off long term - and not just in the bank! The respect, loyalty and commitment you will earn from staff members is worth more than you can ever imagine.

Elevate your employees' health and happiness with on-site massage. Contact us at 01793 934 557 or request a free, no-obligation quote. Transform your workplace today!

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