Employee Wellbeing: Office Massage Therapy in Radstock

Revitalise Your Workplace Atmosphere with On-site Massage in Radstock

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Elevate your workplace atmosphere with on-site massage services in Radstock. Our professional therapists deliver personalised treatments that target stress and tension, leaving your employees feeling rejuvenated, appreciated, and ready to excel in their roles.

Corporate Massage: Making Your Next Work Event Memorable

Want to add a personal touch to your next corporate event? Hire one of our corporate massage therapists! Whether you are putting on an event for staff, partners or customers, there's no better way to take care of your guests than with a personalised treatment. Offer your guests a back, neck and shoulder massage, a reflexology hand massage or a beautiful Indian head massage, and allow them to be whisked away into a land of blissful relaxation - it will certainly make your event one they won't forget!

Employee Wellbeing through Wellness Days

Consider introducing wellness days to your company's event calendar as a way to demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing. Wellness days can feature a variety of activities, such as on-site massage, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, which all contribute to a more focused and reinvigorated workforce.

Lights, Camera, Massage! On-Set Massage for Film, TV and Other Media

Mobile massage for filming studios and film sets

All filming sets can be hectic at times, and we've worked with all kinds of media groups in and around Radstock, helping keep the team and cast motivated and the atmosphere positive - and we can do the same for you! In addition to media sets and stages, our on-site massage therapists also work on a number of other more unusual settings, including local events, festivals, golf days and even weddings, bringing something different to each but always making sure everyone has a wonderful time.

If You Don't Love Us, Get Your Money Back

Sense Massage Therapy have been providing chair massage and other massage treatments throughout the UK since 2000, and it's our outstanding service that means that we will continue to be trusted again and again. We're so confident that you'll love our therapists and our service, we even offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee - which we're proud to say no one has ever wanted to redeem!

Boost productivity and morale with our on-site massage services. Reach out to our team at 01823 761 305 or request a free, customised quote. Invest in your employees' well-being!

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