Superior On-Site Massage Therapy for Silsden Employees

Promote a Healthy Workplace with Office Massage in Silsden

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Taking care of your employees is crucial for staff retention, and workplace massage is an incredibly cost-effective and nurturing way to cultivate lasting relationships with your team. Our Sense therapists, based in and around Silsden, are qualified in various therapies, including reflexology (hand and foot massage), Indian head massage, and indulgent on-site chair massage.

Create Lasting Impressions with On-Site Massage Services

Office massage in Silsden

Create a lasting impression on customers and help your business or marketing promotions stand out with on-site massage. Engage the people of Silsden in a novel way by having a Sense therapist provide corporate massage at your event. You can also utilise our corporate massage services for internal events, such as staff wellbeing days.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Days for Your Team

Transform your next Wellness Day into a comprehensive health and wellbeing event by combining Sense Massage's on-site treatments with instructor-led classes, such as mindfulness and yoga. These complementary activities can create a well-rounded experience that promotes overall health and wellness for your team.

In addition to providing on-site massage for corporate events, we also do massage for home and private events, including everything from evening parties to bigger occasions. We can visit your home for a pamper night in with the girls, making us a perfect addition for Hen Dos and big birthday parties. Alternatively, add massage to the biggest event in your life - your wedding! We regularly provide massage at weddings as it's a wonderful activity for guests to enjoy throughout the day, in between the photos, food and dancing.

Looking After Your Staff Makes Sense

Whilst it may not be your first reason for opting for on-site massage, at Sense Massage Therapy, we know that looking after your staff pays. We've seen it. Reduced sick days; reduced absenteeism due to lack of motivation, stress or a multitude of other reasons; and most importantly, reduced staff resignations; are all common benefits of a regular staff care program - and massage offers this as well as numerous other health benefits. Motivating your staff and taking care of them can really pay off long term - and not just in the bank! The respect, loyalty and commitment you will earn from staff members is worth more than you can ever imagine.

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