Exceptional Office Massage Experience in Sherborne

Enhance Employee Well-being with Office Massage in Sherborne

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Office massage has become an increasingly popular solution for alleviating workplace stress, providing both tension relief and an attractive incentive for employees. Massage demonstrates your care for your staff's well-being, and our therapists located close to Sherborne share the same sentiment! During each session, our Sense therapists are dedicated to tailoring massages to every individual, ensuring each of your staff members gets the most out of their treatment. Our therapists based near Sherborne work tirelessly to give your staff and other local companies' employees the best possible experience, reflecting the care you demonstrate by treating them to an office massage.

Enrich Corporate Events with Luxurious Massage Treatments

Elevate your next corporate event by treating employees or partners to luxurious massage treatments. We offer a variety of on-site treatments, including chair massage, reflexology, and Indian head massage, adaptable to any setting. Sense provides corporate massage for events of all sizes, indoors and outdoors, across various industries - give us a try and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Holistic Wellness Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate event where we offer corporate massage onsite

Offer a comprehensive wellness experience for your employees or event guests with our range of holistic activities, including yoga, stretching, and mindfulness classes. These activities are ideal for staff wellness days, corporate events, or even private functions, providing a unique and engaging experience for all involved.

Adding a Relaxing Touch to Various Events with On-Site Massage

On-site massage is a versatile addition to any event. Our therapists have experience providing de-stress stations at fundraisers, golf days, festivals, film sets, and various other events and venues. By offering massage services, we contribute a unique and relaxing touch to any occasion, ensuring smiles and relaxed shoulders all around.

If You Don't Love Us, Get Your Money Back

Sense Massage Therapy have been providing chair massage and other massage treatments throughout the UK since 2000, and it's our outstanding service that means that we will continue to be trusted again and again. We're so confident that you'll love our therapists and our service, we even offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee - which we're proud to say no one has ever wanted to redeem!

Interested in hiring us for your event or offices? Find out more about the treatments we offer on our services page, or speak to one of our team members who can also take you through the best options to suit your needs and budget. Call us now on 01202 942 196.

We're also available in: Yeovil, Duntish, East Chelborough, Wincanton, Somerton, Gillingham, Crewkerne, Dewlish, Durweston and Shaftesbury.