Web Conference Bingo - Add Some Fun To Your Meetings

Web Conference Bingo - Add Some Fun To Your Meetings

As we all adapt to living in this new way for the next few weeks and probably months, the use of web conferencing tools, like Zoom, Skype and Teams have opened up a new world of on-line meetings for many people. Our team at Sense had heard stories from customers that have inspired us to try and bring some extra fun and laughter to your next on-line meeting.

To be clear, we are not in any way making light of the terrible situation we are all facing, during this worldwide pandemic. Our only aim here is to bring a little bit of joy to some of those people who are still working tirelessly in essential businesses when they are using web conferencing. Taking a moment to have enjoy some fun with your colleagues can help deliver some light-hearted stress relief during this difficult time.

Introducing Web Conference Bingo! 

Our team have come up with a fun game that you and your colleagues can all play together - even when you're working remotely. You can download your personal bingo card below that contains a unique collection of words and phrases that you will commonly hear in your online meetings.

The rules are simple:

  1. Each player downloads a fresh card from www.sensemassage.co.uk/bingo (see below)
  2. Send a photo of your card to the other players. You could use a WhatsApp or Facebook group to share your bingo cards with each other.
  3. The game begins at the start of your meeting.
  4. If you're lucky enough to have a BONUS SQUARE on your card, you can cross this off immediately.
  5. Cross off each phrase as it happens.
  6. To make it challenging, the wording must be exact.
  7. The first player in your group to mark off any of the following is the winner:
    • A straight line of 4 squares
    • A diagonal line of 4 squares
    • All 4 corners

Download your bingo card here

You can save this as a photo on your phone, tablet or computer and mark off the phrases as they happen. You can also print this off, but please only do this if you don't have any other option - we don't want to waste paper if possible.

Most importantly - have some fun as you're working. It's one way to keep up your team's morale and build team spirit!

Click the bingo card to scramble the phrases if you want to download more than one card, just keep refreshing the browser.


Web Conference Bingo Card