How to bring Desk Massages into your office

How to bring Desk Massages into your office

Getting Started

To begin the process, we'll need to know how many people work in your office. We calculate your quote based on an initial uptake of around 70%. So, for example if you have 300 people in the office, we'll estimate about 210 people would want to receive a desk massage treatment. You should bear in mind that the 70% uptake figure does tend to increase if the massages become a regular occurrence, as people become familiar and comfortable with the process and the treatments.

Once we have established numbers, we can work out the frequency of visits and the number of therapists you will require for your size of organisation. Many of our larger companies have multiple offices located around the UK. This is not a problem for Sense as we have an extensive range of excellent therapists based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Fix a Date

Together we'll fix a suitable dates and number of therapists per site, typically visiting once or twice per month and providing treatments on a rotational basis works well. We will always work to your individual company needs and find the best way of working for you. The therapists will tend to work an area or floor at a time moving from desk to desk providing 10-minute desk massage treatments.

Safety First

It is our policy that a safety check is carried out for each individual to ensure their absolute safety. This short check consists of completing our standard safety form and the form can be pre-filled out prior to the treatment to save time on the day. 

Way of Working

The therapists will work from desk-to-desk and when the staff member is ready for their treatment they can indicate to the therapist (e.g. by raising a hand) to show they are available, this will be at the time the therapist has finished with the previous person and usually in close proximity.  The completed safety form is handed to the therapist for them to check through and ensure it is safe to proceed with the treatment. 

Change Over Period

The change over period between staff members takes from one to two minutes, this time allows the therapist to clean their hands and check through the safety from. To ensure full expectations are met we clarify to the organiser that if 10-minute consecutive treatments have been booked this will include the changeover period, specifically allowing for 8 minutes of massage time and a 2-minute change over period.   

Length of the Day

Due to the nature of these types of treatments we recommend a maximum of 6 hours per therapist and below is a typical example day.  We will factor in breaks for our therapists and these are not charged, however it is worth noting that this will extend the finish time.

10am to 4pm - treatment time = 6 hours x 2 therapists (finish time 5pm)
Total treatment time = 12 hours
Total number of estimated treatments based on 10-minute treatments = 72

With two therapists, based on the example numbers above. Assuming a typical office of 300 people, we would work on the average uptake of 210 people.  After 3 visits or one business quarter all the staff within this example company would have received a desk massage.

Estimated amount of treatments

As the turnover of people is very high and the treatments are short, we can only ever estimate the number of treatments, the numbers do not take into consideration situations such as lateness, preventative medical conditions, fire drills or other unavoidable circumstances.

After Care Advice

After the treatment staff members may receive some aftercare advice such as a recommendation to drink plenty of water, avoid stimulants such as alcohol and get plenty of fresh air.  


When you initially make the booking with us, we will create a unique feedback link just for your company that consists of two quickly answered questions.  This feedback helps us to keep continually improving our service for you.  The event organiser will also have the opportunity to share the link with the staff who are receiving a massage to allow them to give their individual feedback. After the visits all the feedback is collated and shared with the organiser to allow a fully informed evaluation of the day.


We can tell you all about the benefits of receiving a massage treatment all day long, but sometimes it helps to hear what other customers say. We have a range of their feedback that’s currently available on our web site and we also have testimonials from other companies that are happy to recommend Sense Massage Therapy.