How office massage works (and what to expect)

How office massage works (and what to expect)

If you are an organiser

Choose your massage booking method

You can choose which will be the most suitable method by which staff members can book in for a treatment.

  • Online Booking
  • Internal booking system
  • Emailed appointment sheets
  • Paper appointment sheets held with a liaison person

You may decide not to have a booking system if you are holding an exhibition style of event where the treatments will be on a drop-in basis.

Once all the appointment slots have been taken it’s a good idea to have a reserve list.  If available, list each person’s extension number on the appointment sheet so the therapist will be able to contact staff members on the reserve list directly if necessary. For scheduled appointments, the therapist will need a copy of the appointment list on the day.

Where to have your treatments

Then you need to decide where you would like the massage to be held. 

  • A vacant meeting room – in the onsite chair
  • An area in an open plan office - in the onsite chair
  • At the Desks - at each person’s desk
  • In a large foyer – exhibition style treatments – drop in treatments

If you decide on holding the treatments in free meeting room, if possible choose a peaceful room with good sound insulation and temperature control. Let all the staff know where the treatments will be held, also let non-participants know to avoid disruptions.

Got an onsite massage therapist booked for visiting your office? Get the lowdown on what to expect.

For desk massages there is no need to set up a chair anywhere as the treatments will be provided at each person’s desk. The appointments tend to be short to allow for minimum disruption to the working day.  As previously mentioned some companies prefer not to use an appointment system and work on an ad hoc basis (not planned).  When it is convenient for a staff member to have a massage, they indicate to the therapist and let them know they are ready for their treatment.  This works well when working in a large office with multiple staff members.

Health and safety 

Ask each member of staff if they can pre-fill out their safety form and take it to their appointment. Also instruct the staff to let the therapist know about pressure, each practitioner will provide a bespoke treatment for each staff member.

On the visit day, someone within your team will be listed as the contact person.  It is very helpful if this person can show the therapist the fire exits, facilities and where to set up. 

Following the treatment day

After the day we will follow up with you to see how the day went and send you a feedback link.  We will share any feedback with you that the staff members may have left.

If your company has organised onsite massage for you

Booking your massage 

The company contact will have made you aware that an onsite massage therapist will be due to visit your company on a certain date and time.  The booking may have been organised online and you may have had the opportunity to book in your own massage treatment.  Alternatively, an appointment sheet might have been sent via email or paper format for you to book in your preferred treatment slot.   

What you need to do

Once you have your booked time you will need to ensure you have completed your safety form (this is a requirement of the Sense Massage Therapy protocol).

Take your safety form along to your appointment. It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes before your massage to ensure the treatment begins on time.  Go over any health issues with your therapists and make them aware of any safety issues that you have raised on your form. The therapists will instruct you how to get on and off the chair.  The chair will be adjusted to ensure your maximum comfort.  Tissues or a face skate covers maybe used depending on your preference.

Please let your therapist know if you would like a heavier or lighter pressured applied at any time throughout your treatment.  The therapist will start by applying long sweeping strokes down the back.  Movements and massage techniques working on acupressure points with the palms, thumbs, and fingers will compress and manipulate muscle to release tension and aid relaxation in the back, neck, shoulders arms and head.

Following your treatment

After your treatment you will be given an after-care card.  This has some helpful advice for after your treatment.   Each card has a QR code, this can be scanned with any smart phone camera and will allow you to give feedback on our service.


How does On-site Massage work?

All massage therapy treatments have physical and psychological benefits.  The systems of the body and the mental state of a person will change after treatment.  The most noticeable effect is the reduction of tension and an increase in general relaxation.  On-site massage is based on the Chinese Shiatsu style massage, where acupressure points will be compressed on the meridian lines, this approach is said to balance the Chi throughout the body. The muscular, nervous, lymphatic, immune and circulatory system will be positively affected.  

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