Escape The City with Volvo and Sense Massage

Escape The City with Volvo and Sense Massage

Meanwhile, the Volvo crew were also showing off the impressive XC60, fitted with massage seats in the driver and passenger chairs, plush leather seats and a plethora of settings and internal panel features. With a beautiful exterior and interior, the car certainly turned heads. Drawing in passers-by into inviting wooden stand until it was buzzing with interest.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage individuals to slow down and take a minute, something we find ourselves doing less and less in the modern day and age – and for those interested, take some time to check out the new XC60.

The Swedish massage was also linked to Volvo, since the company originates from Sweden, which helped tie the activities together with the brand wonderfully. 

Volvo Escape The City tour standThe ‘Escape The City‘ campaign went around the country, visiting many major cities including London, Norwich, Birmingham and Aberdeen, at each of which our local therapists attended offering relaxing chair massage throughout the day, alongside the other fun activities.

Many of our therapists have told us about how much they enjoyed working at the Volvo new XC60 tour alongside the events agency TRO, and how much everyone really appreciated taking some time out to relax with a chair massage or meditation.

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Volvo Escape The City tour stand